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The Human Touch

We've learned that people make a big difference in recruiting. So we help pair a Champion with every Candidate to increase the odds of a successful match - by 13 times!

Our Secret Sauce

Talinity is the only jobs community that involves a Champion with every Candidate, whether they start through a network connection or at a job board. [Patent Pending]


Each Candidate receives a JobMatch score, which is visible to prospective Champions and hiring managers. This makes it easier for everyone, finding the right job, finding the right person to refer and selecting the the right candidate for the position. The transparency also influences thoughtful actions, like referring those who have a good chance to get the job.


Each Champion receives a ReferralStrength score for each prospective Candidate and target job, which is visible to prospective Candidates and hiring managers. Here the focus is the Candidate finding the right Champion and the hiring manager understanding the Champion's credibility.

Karma Points

In the spirit of paying it forward, Talinity awards Karma Points for all positive actions that help build the community and help others. When we begin collecting payments, Karma Points will convert to your choice of cash, Talinity crypto or a donation to charity. Karma Points accrued by employers may be used as credit toward hiring.

Talinity's mission is to build a company where people create and receive value. We strive to recognize everyone's contribution as an open, collaborative and interconnected community.

Growing your network

50 points

Inviting your trusted contacts to Talinity helps you, whether as a Candidate or Champion, helps those people you invite and encourages more employers to include their open positions.

But as the network grows, more of the people you know will already be on Talinity. So bring your friends on board now, before someone else does!

Referral/ Recommendation

500 points

We recognize that a referral demonstrates trust and a confidence in a Candidate. And referrals represent the heart of the community. So Talinity awards a high level of Karma points, second only to the Candidate being hired.

Successful Hire

3,000 points

Any Candidate will feel incredibly thankful for a referral or recommendation from their Champion that helps them land a great job. We hope that this strengthens the relationship between the Candidate and Champion and also opens a dialog that helps the Candidate be successful in the next step of their career.

Post a Job

500 points

Employers can earn Karma points by posting jobs and inviting their employees / contacts. Early adopters can accrue significant Karma point credit to make hiring free for quite some time.