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Leverage the power of job boards and referrals.

We post to over 100 job boards for you, and give you state of the art Hire-By-Referral software to get referrals from your employees and other connections.

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Smart Qualification

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We combine smart scoring for both the candidate (JobMatch) and referring individual (ReferralStrength), along with professional recruiters, to ensure you get a shortlist of qualified, interested and personally referred candidates.

Job Boards


Single easy interface to automatically post jobs to over 100 job boards. Candidates appear in your easy dashboard like magic.

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See candidates who apply on job boards, your career site and who come from referrals all in one place!

Our story

As entrepreneurs and owners of growing businesses, we've been unsatisfied with tools to manage the recruiting process.

Other tools don't solve the big problem of finding qualified candidates quickly. They're also just way too complex and require too much configuration for a small business that doesn't have IT and HR teams.

So, we created Talinity.

Now hiring managers don't need to use different tools to find candidates from job boards or their network. Talinity makes it easy to find active and passive candidates from a single interface. And when candidates show up, they're qualified, interested and personally referred.